Episode 06: The Case for the Private Face-To-Face Firearms Transaction

Every time there’s a shooting of some sort that makes the news, there’s this call for “closing down” something that the Bradys and their allies call, “the gun show loophole”.  What they’re really talking about has nothing whatsoever to do with gun shows, but it does have everything to do with something called the “private, face-to-face, intra-state transaction” of firearms, better known as the “private sale”.  They want to shut that down and require “background checks” for every gun sale, including the private ones.

“It won’t be a big burden!”, they claim.   “It’ll stop criminals while respecting the Second Amendment!”, they claim.

This entire episode is my case for why that is a terrible idea.  Contrary to what they say, it would indeed prove a HUGE burden on not only just government, but everyone else involved.  It certainly won’t stop crime-related injuries or deaths.  It might even itself get people killed.  And it would be a major blow to the defense of liberty.

I’d like to thank my fellow Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) members for their help in producing this episode.


Episode 05: The “Evil Gun Lobby”, and Attacking Bigotry

The forces against the Second Amendment–the “antis”–like to refer to something called, “The Evil Gun Lobby“. They try to give the impression that the Big, Bad NRA is THE “special interest” behind the pro-2A movement. The antis do this to try to demonize what we, as citizens who care about freedom, do to preserve that freedom. We’re going to talk about the Evil Gun Lobby and just what it is. You may be surprised.

In the second half, we do a slice ‘n’ dice job on the idea that bigotry and religious/racial discrimination are somehow “OK”. Of course, they’re not. To do this, we dissect a call-in that I made into a Conservative talking-head’s show, and we show just how and why arguing for a repeat of Jim Crow is just plain wrong…and un-American.

Bigotry has no place in a civilized society. Whatever happened to “the content of one’s character”?

Episode 04: Differing Opinions, Egos, and a Date with a Russian

One of the great advantages of having your own show is that you get to choose what gets on.  🙂  Here on the Liberal’s Gun Corner, that will at times also include positions which aren’t necessarily Cowboy T’s.  One of the aspects of being a good Liberal is being willing to consider–and even present–ideas that aren’t necessarily your own.

It’s equally important, though, to be willing to set aside your own ego at times, and we show an example of the need for that.  We get an example from some years back that we might consider going back to, as contrasted with today.

Also, I had a hot date with a Russian!  🙂  Specifically, I got to shoot a Soviet-era one of these!

1895 Nagant Revolver
1895 Nagant Revolver

This is an 1895 Nagant Revolver in 7.62x38R, the one that seems to have been custom-built for sound suppressor applications.  You’ll learn how our date went and what I thought of my “companion” on the show.

And remember…whatever you do…GO VOTE.


Episode 03: The Defense of Liberty

This time, we discuss three separate subjects, but all three relate to freedom.  It’s really a talk about defending liberty from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  The first subject isAmerican Flag an example of a First Amendment violation and the dangers of abusing authority.  The second subject consists of two real-world examples of the Second Amendment in action here in the United States.  The third subject discusses the need of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for defending a nation against an invading army, with, again, a real-world, practical example–Finland.

It’s not about hunting or sport, folks.  It’s about the Defense of Liberty.


Episode 02: Gun Talk

Typical ad at the general store

Lest you think that “liberalism” is all there is to the Liberal’s Gun Corner, think again!  This time, we’re talking ’bout the other half–GUNS, doggone it!  Straight up!  Specifically, we’re talking guns that I think are very cool and very handy.  Oh, and pretty darn affordable, since I haven’t yet been elected to Congress yet.  🙂  We’re going to talk about the following categories:

1.)  Leverguns, represented by the relatively modern 96/44 in .44 Magnum,
2.)  Revolvers, by the Redhawk, also in .44 Magnum,
3.)  Old military surplus rifles, by the Mosin-Nagant M91/30 in 7.62x54R, and
4.)  Semi-automatic pistols, by the SR9 in 9mm.

There are other cool guns, too.  We’ll be getting to them as well, as time goes on.  I wanted to work a shotgun in there, too, but there’s only so much time we have in a single podcast.  The representative models here are simply ones to which I happen to have ready access.

Gotta love them smokewagons!

I’m especially hopped up about the concept of leverguns and revolvers chambered for the same cartridge.  It was a great idea 150 years ago, and it remains one today.

So Far Positive

So far we have received mostly positive feedback about moving forward with the Liberal Gun Corner podcast.

If you don’t know what were talking about you can find the post about the idea for the show at the Gun Rights Radio Networks main website.

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San Francisco Liberal with a Gun

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