Episode 04: Differing Opinions, Egos, and a Date with a Russian

One of the great advantages of having your own show is that you get to choose what gets on.  🙂  Here on the Liberal’s Gun Corner, that will at times also include positions which aren’t necessarily Cowboy T’s.  One of the aspects of being a good Liberal is being willing to consider–and even present–ideas that aren’t necessarily your own.

It’s equally important, though, to be willing to set aside your own ego at times, and we show an example of the need for that.  We get an example from some years back that we might consider going back to, as contrasted with today.

Also, I had a hot date with a Russian!  🙂  Specifically, I got to shoot a Soviet-era one of these!

1895 Nagant Revolver
1895 Nagant Revolver

This is an 1895 Nagant Revolver in 7.62x38R, the one that seems to have been custom-built for sound suppressor applications.  You’ll learn how our date went and what I thought of my “companion” on the show.

And remember…whatever you do…GO VOTE.