Episode 52: America’s 240th birthday, why reloading is necessary, and the danger of Gun-Free Zones

Today’s the Fourth of July, 2016.  That’s right, the day we declared independence from Britain.  It is our 240th birthday as a free nation.

On that note, I think it’s important to consider the freedoms and liberties that we have here in the United States of America.  As both a patriot and a veteran, I have no choice but to think about this stuff a lot.

One of those rights is the right to keep and bear arms.  And that includes having ammunition to feed those arms.  One way to ensure you have ammo is to handload, or reload, your own.  A gun is useless without ammunition with which to feed it.

We’re going to give you a real-world example of why the right to keep and bear arms is so important.  And it happened to a member of “the elite”, or rather, an elite-in-training.  Yep.  Having a privileged life is no protection against attack, folks.  You still need to be able to defend yourself.  Just ask Katie Couric.  She knows.

Included among our rights is the right to defend ourselves from just that sort of thing.  That’s America, and we’re supposed to be able to do that ANYWHERE, HERE in this country…well, ideally, anywhere in the world or beyond.

Happy 240th Birthday, America.  You’re a labour of love, always a work in progress.  And it’s our job to make sure that work to preserve our liberties never, ever stops.  And if we ever do stop…that is when we will have failed you.