Episode 02: Gun Talk

Typical ad at the general store

Lest you think that “liberalism” is all there is to the Liberal’s Gun Corner, think again!  This time, we’re talking ’bout the other half–GUNS, doggone it!  Straight up!  Specifically, we’re talking guns that I think are very cool and very handy.  Oh, and pretty darn affordable, since I haven’t yet been elected to Congress yet.  🙂  We’re going to talk about the following categories:

1.)  Leverguns, represented by the relatively modern 96/44 in .44 Magnum,
2.)  Revolvers, by the Redhawk, also in .44 Magnum,
3.)  Old military surplus rifles, by the Mosin-Nagant M91/30 in 7.62x54R, and
4.)  Semi-automatic pistols, by the SR9 in 9mm.

There are other cool guns, too.  We’ll be getting to them as well, as time goes on.  I wanted to work a shotgun in there, too, but there’s only so much time we have in a single podcast.  The representative models here are simply ones to which I happen to have ready access.

Gotta love them smokewagons!

I’m especially hopped up about the concept of leverguns and revolvers chambered for the same cartridge.  It was a great idea 150 years ago, and it remains one today.