Episode 20: Just How Long–Or Short–Is the Path to a Police State?


That’s what I hear a lot from a lot of people:  it could never happen here.

What, exactly, is “it”?  Well, “it” is Lord Acton’s wise counsel that, “all power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

In light of the recent revelations of massive, and apparently pretty unchecked, surveillance by our government officials against their own people–that’d be us, folks–it’s high time we had a talk about something I’ve seen in my travels.  That would be what happens when government officials are the ones with all the power.

Many of my fellow Liberals really do think, “it could never happen here!  This is AMERICA!”

Famous Last Words.

The final segment includes not just anti-Constitutionalist Piers Morgan admitting that this is “bordering on tyrannical behaviour”, but also some testimony from a survivor of the Tiananmen Square massacre.  He goes by the handle, “June4th”, the date of the Chinese military crackdown that ended those student protests.  He is now a proud US Citizen and equally proud gun owner.  This is what I call, “powerful testimony” that yes, it *could* happen here…if we don’t watch it.

Episode 19: A Liberal’s Take on “Stand Your Ground” and the Martin/Zimmerman Case

Only the most heartless person could view the shooting of Trayvon Martin as anything other than a tragedy.  And sadly, there are some heartless people out there like that.  I’ve listened to their disgusting little platitudes of assumption that Martin *MUST HAVE* attacked Zimmerman, and that Martin “deserved what he got.”  Well, those folks will never know what it’s like to be pulled over for “DWB”–Driving While Black.  Or even “WWB”–Walking While Black.

To pretend that racial prejudices in our judicial system didn’t play a part is a huge intellectual fallacy.  And we will go into that.  As usual, we don’t pull any punches here.

At the same time, when folks like our Attorney General Eric “Fast ‘N’ Furious” Holder; his boss, President Barack “Executive Privilege” Obama; and the rest of the antis abuse young Martin’s death as a rallying cry to take away our rights to self-defense…they dishonor the very death to which they so self-righteously claim to pay tribute.

Eric Holder recently gave just such a “speech” to the NAACP.  I will take apart Mr. Holder’s disgusting ilttle presentation of deceipt, piece by piece, so you can see just what he’s trying to do.  Yet he remains protected by all sorts of highly aggressive bodyguards with machine guns surrounding him and his.  Funny, that….