About Cowboy T

Cowboy T is a social Liberal originally from San Francisco, California, USA.  He is a pro-Second Amendment activist and firearms enthusiast precisely because he is a Liberal.  He believes that to do otherwise would be inconsistent and wrong.  Liberty is only guaranteed–and thus tyranny avoided–when the government officials are held in check by a citizenry who can defend itself. In addition to the posts here, check out the below links for a more detailed explanation.

The True Meaning of the Second Amendment: A Liberal’s Epiphany http://www.sanfranciscoliberalwithagun.com/TheTrueMeaningOfTheSecondAmendment.html

Why We Need to Welcome Liberals to the Cause of the Second Amendment http://www.sanfranciscoliberalwithagun.com/WhyWeNeedToWelcomeLiberals.html

You can email him at cowboyt at (the domain name for this Web site, without the “www”).