We have upgraded our Internet connection!

As of last night, we have executed our own little “Operation Warp Speed” here at the Liberal’s Gun Corner! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey, I’m a geek, I do puns! It’s only logical. ๐Ÿ™‚

(I know, I know, sorry, but it was too good to pass up…. ๐Ÿ˜€ )

But seriously, though, we now have two orders of magnitude more upload speed than before to serve this podcast. Hooray! The Web server got moved over to the bigger pipe last night. Naturally, this meant a new IP address for the Web server, which meant DNS updates. Hopefully by now the new DNS settings have propagated around the world. So far, two of the big ones, Layer 3’s DNS and Google’s DNS, seem to have updated, which is a really good sign. If someone you know still cannot get to us, please have them email cowboyt “aht” liberalsguncorner “dawt” com so I can look into it.

We are now “vaccinated” against Internet connection bottlenecks. Hehehe! ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you, Mark Levin, for the mention!

UPDATE 30 March 2021: We are in progress of upgrading our Internet connection because of all the new listeners, thanks to Mr. Levin. This is a good thing!

Amazingly, Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin allowed me to mention the Liberal’s Gun Corner on his show tonight! Yes, folks, Liberals do listen to multiple sources, not just our own “bubble”. We talked about that in a previous episode, the need to do that. Marketplace of ideas and all. So, even though I quite often disagree with Mr. Levin–and I certainly do!–I will sometimes listen to him, too. Something told me to call in to his show tonight; not sure why, but I followed my gut and am glad that I did. We had a good conversation.

He was amazed that a Liberal would actually have a pro-Second Amendment podcast, and he allowed me to mention it on his show. So, thank you, Mr. Levin, for that.

I’m still amazed at this…! Who would’ve thought that would happen?? Wow….

Post Comments captcha now fixed

While doing some checking on the WordPress server here, I figured out that since Google changed the reCAPTCHA back-end, I needed new reCAPTCHA keys!ย  This broke the ability to leave comments.ย  Oops.

This should now be fixed, and it looks like comments are working once again.ย  Sorry about that, folks.

Yesterday’s activities at the Military Recruiting Station


Yesterday’s activities.

Now, why was I doing this?  Notice the sign to my immediate right.  It says NO WEAPONS permitted.

That’s right, our military recruiters are forced to work in a GUN FREE ZONE.

And we all learned how that worked out in Chattanooga, TN…when a terrorist decided to shoot and kill them.

Will our elected officials finally learn that our military members are…THE MILITARY??  And that they do in fact need guns for their defense?

Even the most virulent antis–Sarah Brady, Josh Sugarmann, Dianne Feinstein, etc.–say that the military and police need guns!  Yet they disarm our troops when they’re the most exposed!  They disarm them…even on their own military installations.


Not the best picture, but here you can see the problem.

Well, since they’re sitting ducks and thus cannot have armed guards…I decided to become one.

This was inspired by the fellow in Winchester, VA that started doing it.  Thanks to him, who prefers that his name not be used, for the idea.  And yes, as long as you don’t actually go inside armed, it is perfectly legal to do this.  And the recruiters appreciate it.

We need to stop any copycat-wannabes, folks.  If you have the time, and a gun, then I strongly encourage you to do likewise in your area.  Don’t let another tragedy happen in your town.

Finally got “Subscribe” button working


Learning WordPress seems to be an ongoing thing.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Several of you have been asking a couple of questions:

  1. Where’s the “Subscribe” button?
  2. What’s your RSS feed?

Just this evening, I figured out how to do that in WordPress, and so they’re now on the top right of the main site.ย  Sigh…a systems engineer’s learning is never done….

Getting used to running my own WordPress server, and iTunes connectivity

One of the neat things about being a systems engineer is that you’re always learning new stuff. Information Technology never stands still.

You’re seeing an example of it here, right now, with this new WordPress server. Up until recently, I’d never worked with WordPress or any other Weblogging or podcasting software. Gotta say, it’s a handful! But it’s fun.

One of the (many) things I’m figuring out how to do is get this new box to reconnect with the existing iTunes feed. Once I do, iTunes listeners will once again start getting notifications when a new episode comes out. I am definitely working on this.

Hmm…I wonder what Steve Jobs would think of this podcast…? ๐Ÿ™‚

The Liberal’s Gun Corner is BACK!

In light of the closing-down of the Gun Rights Radio Network (GRRN), we decided to continue this podcast, the Liberal’s Gun Corner, on our own Web site. That means I’m getting to learn how to use WordPress, but since I’m a systems engineer, this is proving to be a fun project. This should also reduce times for episodes to appear.

I’d like to publicly thank Mark “Mr. GRRN” Vanderberg for starting the Gun Rights Radio Network and running it for all the years that he has. Without him, I would never have even considered doing a podcast like this one.

Cowboy T Guest on GRRN Bar Stool Discussion Live

Cowboy T (member here) has accepted a invitation to join Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast & Mark Vanderberg from Gun Rights Advocates Podcast on the GRRN Bar Stool Discussion Live. It’s a joint show that the two hosts do together on a biweekly basis Live.

He will be pulling up a barstool and joining us for the first hour on Wednesday July 11, 9 PM Eastern time.

The discussion will be about the new show “Liberal Gun Corner“, talk about a few news stories that are in the lineup.

We do have the ability to take callers when people have questions for our guests or the hosts There is also a live chat room going on during the show that is pretty active.


Update: You can find the show notes and a link to the live show that was recorded ย June 11 atย GRRN Bar Stool Discussion Live – 046