Cowboy T Guest on GRRN Bar Stool Discussion Live

Cowboy T (member here) has accepted a invitation to join Doc Wesson from the Gun Nation Podcast & Mark Vanderberg from Gun Rights Advocates Podcast on the GRRN Bar Stool Discussion Live. It’s a joint show that the two hosts do together on a biweekly basis Live.

He will be pulling up a barstool and joining us for the first hour on Wednesday July 11, 9 PM Eastern time.

The discussion will be about the new show “Liberal Gun Corner“, talk about a few news stories that are in the lineup.

We do have the ability to take callers when people have questions for our guests or the hosts There is also a live chat room going on during the show that is pretty active.

Update: You can find the show notes and a link to the live show that was recorded  June 11 at GRRN Bar Stool Discussion Live – 046

So Far Positive

So far we have received mostly positive feedback about moving forward with the Liberal Gun Corner podcast.

If you don’t know what were talking about you can find the post about the idea for the show at the Gun Rights Radio Networks main website.

Liberal Gun Corner – Take 2

San Francisco Liberal with a Gun

Post on The Liberal Gun Club Forum about this New show.

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