Episode 18: Schools Now Treating Children Like Terrorists and Sex Offenders?

This “Assault Pop-Tart” got a little boy suspended from elementary school.


Behold the Lunacy of “Zero Tolerance” Policies!

When I was a little boy, which wasn’t all that long ago, we’d run around the playground with our fingers in the universal “kid” sign for a gun and go, POW! POW! BANG! BANG! That was what you did when you played Cops ‘N’ Robbers, or Army vs. Aliens, or similar stuff. We’d even do it in the lunch room (POW! BANG!). No harm ever came of this.

However, that was before the era of so-called, “Zero Tolerance” policies that a lot of schools have nowadays.

That game of Cops ‘N’ Robbers that I used to play all the time as a boy is now getting children SUSPENDED from school. The schools are claiming, “we have ZERO-TOLERANCE policies against any sort of weapons, either real or imagined.”

Yes, this actually happened.


We’re going to address these “ZERO INTELLIGENCE” policies, as I call them, and show you why they are just that–zero intelligence policies. Apparently if you play like my Dad did as a boy, or like I did as a boy, you’re now a terrorist threat.

Common sense in our schools used to be just that–pretty common. It was at my schools. But I guess it’s not so common anymore, though. And that’s a shame. I’m starting to understand why more parents are home-schooling their kids, especially if this is how the schools are treating children now. You won’t believe your own ears.