Episode 03: The Defense of Liberty

This time, we discuss three separate subjects, but all three relate to freedom.  It’s really a talk about defending liberty from “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  The first subject isAmerican Flag an example of a First Amendment violation and the dangers of abusing authority.  The second subject consists of two real-world examples of the Second Amendment in action here in the United States.  The third subject discusses the need of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for defending a nation against an invading army, with, again, a real-world, practical example–Finland.

It’s not about hunting or sport, folks.  It’s about the Defense of Liberty.


One thought on “Episode 03: The Defense of Liberty

  1. I made a slight age-related mistake in this podcast. Mr. Simo Häyhä didn’t live to age 94 like I had thought…he lived to 96. He was 94 when “Team Mosin-Nagant.Net” went to visit him in Finland…and he had all his wits about him. Read this story about meeting this legendary Finnish hero–known by the Soviets as “the White Death”.


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