Episode 63: Independence Day, Texas Goes Constitutional Carry, and the Benefits of All-Steel Handguns

4th of July flag firework image
The celebration of a free nation

Happy Birthday, United States of America. Today is our 245th birthday as a nation. We declared our independence from Great Britain on this day in the year 1776. I will always love you because you are my nation and also the greatest nation that’s ever existed.

Texas has recently gone Constitutional Carry. That’s a good thing…unless you’re a Democrat who I call “Missy Ann” Johnson…because of something she said about us. She calls Constitutional Carry “Wild West Pimp Style”. Well, as offensive a set of racial dog-whistles as that is…I have decided, as have many other gun owners, to instead revel in it. Constitutional Carry is now hereby referred to as, “Wild West Pimp Style!” Thank you, “Missy Ann” Johnson, for this wonderful Internet meme.

WILD WEST PIMP STYLE!! Can ya dig it? 🙂

And finally…we go into the benefits of the all-steel handguns. We talked about the more recent “plastic” guns, the Glock-type guns, and they’re very good. So are the traditional wood-and-steel models. Whichever you end up choosing, make sure that it feels comfortable for you. Not your “expert gun buddy”, not the gun magazines…but *YOU*. That’s what we did, and we benefited from that choice.

May the USA continue to prosper and thrive for another 245 years, and beyond….