Episode 32: Liberal In The Lions’ Den, California Confiscations, Adventures with a Loadmaster, and the Taurus Raging Bull 454

Ah, a lot to talk about in this episode.  The San Francisco Liberal really did it this time!  Turns out Sen. Rand Paul was having a discussion this week at a Conservative (thus nearly entirely Republican) function, and so on “Miss B.H.C.’s” advice, I attended.  Even got to put a question about the militarization of the local police forces to the Senator…and he answered!  You’ll  hear all about it.

Civil Liberties need defending
America Means Civil Liberties, Patriotism Means Defending Them

Yes, I’m bold and fearless, but still, why did I do this?  Me, a Liberal going into what you’d think would be the lions’ den?  Well, there’s a confiscation action going on in California these days.  The officials there are using their gun registration database to go confiscate people’s guns.  Now, I’m all for keeping ’em out of the hands of people who really shouldn’t have ’em, like violent criminals and such.  But this case…I really gotta wonder what’s going on here.  If you think “it can’t happen here in America!”, well, it is happening.  Here in America.

Is this really what we want, my fellow Liberals?  I sure hope not.

Lee Load-Master Press
Richard Lee’s favorite invention

Then we get into the Lee Loadmaster progressive press.  I’ve heard all sorts about this press, mostly bad, so I decided to plunk down some cash and see if the rumours were true.  You’ll hear about that.

And finally, we discuss one of our shop’s rental guns, the Taurus Raging Bull in .454 Casull.  Yep, this is another one I’ve spent plenty of quality time with.

As with all reviews of any gear we do here, you’ll hear the good, the badk and the ugly.  We don’t pull punches here; that’s not the Liberal way.  You get it as we actually see and experience it.