Episode 22: Colleges and Gun Safety, Meeting Emily Miller, and Wisdom from a Cuban-American Immigrant

There are folks who say that higher education is a waste of time.  I disagree with that, but I sure wish the administrators of our Institutions of Higher Learning would make more sense.  They’re so hoplophobic that in one case, they’re even closing down popular gun *safety* classes.  Isn’t safety supposed to be..umm…good?

Also, this weekend, I met Emily Miller, who just put out a book, “Emily Gets Her Gun, but Obama Wants To Take Yours”.  We’ll tell you about that meeting.

Finally, we hear from an American Citizen who emigrated here from Castro’s Cuba some 40+ years ago.  He provides some hard-core, first-hand wisdom of why the right to keep and bear arms must not be infringed.

Episode 21: Reader feedback, Adventures in Reloading, and the Defense of Liberty

It’s been almost a year since we started the Liberal’s Gun Corner.  This is our 21st Episode.  In that time, we’ve gotten feedback from you, our listeners, and I’d like to share a few of those letters with you.  Some’s positive, some’s–shall we say–“constructive”.  That’s how it should be.  We’re not always going to agree.  That, too, is part of Liberalism.

Then, we talk about reloading!  Cowboy T has his first serious adventure with the .45 Auto (ACP) cartridge.  Thanks to a guy at the range, I now have a set of .45 Auto dies, and I’ve been having some fun with this round.  We’ll talk about that.

After that, we talk colleges and universities.  Why are they so anti?  Why do they continue believing that Victim Disarmament (VD) is somehow life-preserving?  Disarming the victims only results in dead victims.

And finally, we hear from a professor who knows first-hand what that “VD” feels like.  He tells us what his family went through as a result.
Serious stuff…as befits a serious podcast.