Episode 08: Stopping Repeats of the Newtown, CT School Tragedy

By now, everybody with any sort of sensory input has heard about the horrible act of evil committed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut earlier this month.  Before the bodies even had a chance to cool, the antis were already calling for increased gun restrictions.

They are wrong.  Their proposed restrictions will not work, and they didn’t work before.  They sure didn’t work for Littleton High School in Columbine.

We’re going to talk about a way that actually *does* work.  The antis hate that this is the case.  But it’s true, and it’s been proven.  And no, it’s not what the NRA’s recent press release suggests–a police state in every one of our schools.

Given the nature of this terrible tragedy, this is a somewhat longer episode, nearly an hour.  We’ve got a *LOT* to talk about.

Happy Holidays, and love your loved ones.  You never know how long they will be with us.

– T

Episode 07: Mistreating our White Brothers, and a Constitutional Warning for the Future

For a lot of years now, a lot of fellow Liberals have been packin’ what looks to me like a blanket hate toward White men.  This has taken a major upswing since the November 2012 re-election of President Barack Obama.  White men are now derisively, and even vitriolically, dismissed as “obsolete” and “irrelevant”.  Are blanket hates like this justified, toward anyone?  Is this the truly “Liberal” way to act toward our White brothers?

I believe otherwise.  Last I checked, blanket hatreds are how we got Jim Crow, but I see a lot of fellow Libs doing it just the same.  Waitasec…aren’t such blanket hatreds the polar opposite of what we’ve been claiming to fight for, for all these years?  You might also be passing up on some really good marksmanship and reloading knowledge if you do that.

We also tell a story, a warning about what could happen if We, as The People, don’t always remain vigilant about our Constitutional Rights–ALL of them.  There is, of course, a special focus on the Second Amendment, which is the teeth that ensures all the rest of ’em.  The road to a loss of liberty is not as long as we think.