Episode 26: Handloading for the Rossi 92 Levergun in .357 Magnum

Last time, we talked about the “cowboy style” Rossi 92 lever-action rifle,, with the 16″ barrel, chambered in .38 Special and .357 Magnum.  However, as the antis have liked to say for years, “no ammo, no guns.”  Even though ammo availability is coming back now, let’s face it:  .357 Magnum ammunition has never been exactly cheap.  So, we’re going to talk about how to handload for this little Rossi rifle.

Of course, this info also applies to any other rifle chambered for the same round–your Winchesters, Marlins, Henry’s, Ruger’s, and so on.

For those of you who hand-load already, here are some levergun-specific tips ‘n’ tricks to look out for.  If you don’t yet hand-load, do consider it; you’ll be able to enjoy that little Rossi a lot more than you otherwise would be able to.

And doggone it, it’s our right to do so!

Videos for doing this are at my personal Web site for free download, http://www.sanfranciscoliberalwithagun.com/.  Most examples show .38 Special, so they’re directly applicable to this levergun.

Episode 25: The Rossi 92 lever-action rifle, Captain Phillips, and the DHS

I frequent a couple of gun boards.  On those boards, there’ve been some folks asking about lever-action rifles in .357 Magnum.  I would like to make a case for the Rossi Model 92 for your consideration.  It’s Rossi’s copy of the classic Winchester 92 design.  It’s one of the more popular rifles on the Cowboy Action Shooting circuit, and for good reason.

Also, I saw the new movie, “Captain Phillips”, just last week.  It actually relates pretty strongly to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  It also kinda dovetails into something recently put out by the Dept. of Homeland Security and the Dept. of Justice, something that, as a Liberal, gives me some pause for concern.

Finally, we hear from a man named Mr. Henson Ong, an American Citizen who emigrated here some time ago (I think from China).  He is, in his words, “American by choice.”  Old-school Liberalism at its finest.