Episode 41: Politics, the Virginia Legislature, and a li’l more LEVERGUN!

Politics and leverguns…kinda odd those two subjects would come together, huh?  But we do it here.


The Virginia State Legislature is now in session.  The antis, now funded by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and calling themselves, “Moms Demand Action”, are showing up now in force.  They weren’t doing this before, and we’ll talk about that.

We’ll also talk a bit about what happened in a House Subcommittee hearing, which I attended.  This is what you have to do to keep our Elected Officials in line, folks.  In the process, I finally got to actually see Lori Haas, the self-styled “representative of Virginia Tech parents”, in person.  I think you’ll enjoy this.  🙂


And there’s a new levergun in town, pardners!  Seems I can’t keep my hands off of these things.  We’ve discussed the Rossi 92 in .357 Magnum (also shoots .38 Special).  Now I’m holding the .44 Magnum version (also shoots .44 Special).  We’ll tell you how that went and how this .44 levergun compares to the Ruger 96/44 levergun.

In a future episode, we’ll talk about handloading for it as well.