Ammo Bans, and the 1st Amendment

Sure, you can trust the Government!Looks like we’re taking on not just the Second Amendment, but also the First Amendment this time!  We have two examples of violations of Liberalism, one by the Democrats, and one by the Republicans.  Either way, we can’t allow stuff like this to stand, especially from our government officials.

We’re going to discuss why the BATFE’s proposed ban of M855/SS109 ammunition is just silly to do, even *if* they’re on decent legal footing to do so.  And they just might be; we go into that.

We also take on some county officials in Idaho who wanted to officially proclaim the entire State of Idaho, a “Christian state”.  Geez…have these folks never read the Bill of Rights?  We’re going to discuss that, and given where this happened, I’m not too surprised, sadly.

Finally, let’s take a moment to reflect on a man who became iconic around the world.  In both his TV/movie career and his real life, he advised us all to, “live long and prosper”.  Leonard “Mr. Spock” Nimoy, may you rest in peace.

Politics, the Virginia Legislature, and a li’l more LEVERGUN!

Politics and leverguns…kinda odd those two subjects would come together, huh?  But we do it here.

The Virginia State LeVirginiaStateCapitolgislature is now in session.  The antis, now funded by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg and calling themselves, “Moms Demand Action”, are showing up now in force.  They weren’t doing this before, and we’ll talk about that.

We’ll also talk a bit about what happened in a House Subcommittee hearing, which I attended.  This is what you have to do to keep our Elected Officials in line, folks.  In the process, I finally got to actually see Lori Haas, the self-styled “representative of Virginia Tech parents”, in person.  I think you’ll enjoy this.  :-)

And there’s a new levergun in town, pardners!  Seems I can’t keep my handsRossi92-44Magnum off of these things.  We’ve discussed the Rossi 92 in .357 Magnum (also shoots .38 Special).  Now I’m holding the .44 Magnum version (also shoots .44 Special).  We’ll tell you how that went and how this .44 levergun compares to the Ruger 96/44 levergun.

In a future episode, we’ll talk about handloading for it as well.

A Case for Black Americans to be armed! Part 2

Christmas has come and gone.  The New Year, 2015, is upon us.

IsHisLifeWorthLessOrMoreThanMineLast time, we began our case for Black Americans to arm themselves.  This continuing notion that “guns are BAD!” among so many in the Black American community surprises me, because if history is any indication, Every Last Black Family could use a good .308 Winchester or .30-06 Springfield or something similar (8mm MausAiyanaStanleyJoneser, 7.62x54R Russian, and so on).

This episode is Part 2 of my case for why this should be.  And at one point in our history, it was.  We’re going to talk about that, too.

All you good cops out there, who really do want to make a positive difference in the communities that you police, we need you to stand up and be counted.  Recent events, and history, have shown that we need you now more than ever.

A Case for Black Americans to be armed!

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday was not just full of good times with family and/or friends, but also, thoughtful for what you have.  Some people won’t get to have that.

By now, everyone’s heard what happened with the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri.  Some rioting happened as a result.  We’re going to discuss why that happened.  I assure you, it was not because of one teenager named Michael Brown.  Matter of fact, we’re going to discuss the “why” in quite some detail.  As is often the case, I wanted to wait a moment to cover this until I had a chance to think about it.  This is very serious business.

OpposePoliceBrutalityButAppreciateCopsWe’re also going to discuss the benefits of “Black Friday”, i. e. post-Thanksgiving, sales, from a Second Amendment perspective.  The antis don’t like it that a lot of guns are bought on sale during that shopping period.  I’m going to explain why, to the contrary, it’s a good thing.  That’s right, a good thing.

This is Part 1 of a 2-part series, due to the amount of information we need to cover here.

Lightly Burnin’ – a rapper-style ode to the Second Amendment

Funny what gets into your head, sometimes.  Personally, I blame “Weird Al” Yankovic.  :-)

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

A few days ago, the idea occurred to me to do this rap song.  While it was inspired by a really funny parody, the subject here is actually pretty serious.  We’re having a midterm Congressional election tomorrow, and while the 2A isn’t the only thing we must consider, I’d say it’s up there, right along with the rest of the Constitution.

The goal here was to try to sound like the rappers do.  I’m a beginner with sound processing, but it seems to have turned out pretty decently.

I hope you enjoy it.  I call it, “Lightly Burnin’.”  Lyrics are located here.

With all apologies to both Chamillionaire and Weird Al, the latter of whose parody of “Ridin’ (Dirty)” (called “White & Nerdy”) was the inspiration for this.

– T

Music Copyright (C) Hakeem “Chamillionaire” Seriki
Lyrics Copyright (C) C. Terrell “Cowboy T” Prude’, Jr.

No, I’m not making any money off of this, so I firmly believe this falls under the “Fair Use” doctrine.

Mission: Impossible? A case for American Muslims to be armed!


But they’re MUSLIMS!!  Come on, that’s Terrorist Central, ain’t it?  We’re patriotic Americans!  It was bad enough with the Blacks; we don’t want THEM armed, too, do we?

Army Cpl. Khalid Rashad Sultan Khan

Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014

I am taking on what may be an impossible mission for some folks.  We are going to discuss why it’s not just worth respecting, but also right and proper that American Muslims–or anyone else who supposedly “looks similar” (like Indian Hindus and Sikhs) should fully exercise their Second Amendment rights.  After September 11th, I’ve had just over a month to think about this, and I really wanted to take the time to consider it before addressing the subject.  Let’s face it; this idea’s going to scare the daylights out of some of our countrymen.

My fellow Liberals, if we really do believe in the egalitarian ideals that we claim to believe in, then this is something we should support.

The idea for this podcast came from something that a listener sent to me.  You know who you are.  Thank you.

A few reflections on liberty

Today is September 11th, 2014.

9-11Thirteen years ago, something terrible happened in, and to, this country.  Not only did terrorists strike us with unholy amount of evil…but something else struck us as well.

Last month, I made a road trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  Here, an atrocity called the Massacre of Wounded Knee took place.  I also stopped to visit Fort Kearny, which was on the way.  Reflecting generally on the Indian Wars in this country, I couldn’t help but think, “this is what happens when you don’t keep your guns.”

After September 11th, we saw a huge uptick in the militarization of the civilian police forces.  The recent events in Ferguson, MO–the shooting of Michael Brown by Ofc. Darren Wilson–resulted in generally peaceful protests, which were met by military-grade hardware, and tactics, in the hands of the local police.  Now, finally, there’s a national conversation happening about this general police militarization.

This is the result of the post-September 11th mindset.  Security at any cost.  But security for whom, I wonder?  And at the cost of our Constitutional liberties?

Sure, you can trust the Government!

We also discuss what can happen when you don’t follow the Four Rules of Firearms Safety.  One grandmother violated those rules, with tragic results.

Finally got “Subscribe” button working


Learning WordPress seems to be an ongoing thing.  :-)  Several of you have been asking a couple of questions:

  1. Where’s the “Subscribe” button?
  2. What’s your RSS feed?

Just this evening, I figured out how to do that in WordPress, and so they’re now on the top right of the main site.  Sigh…a systems engineer’s learning is never done….

The Race Card, the 2A, and AG Eric “Fast ‘N’ Furious” Holder

We will get more light-hearted after this episode, but in the meantime, there’s serious stuff we need to discuss….

We’ve taken on the subject of the Second Amendment and race before, but not this brazenly or blatently like we do this time.  This episode is sure to upset all of you at some point during it.

However, the subject needs to be broached.  There have been several racial incidents recently.  It’s all the more reason why I believe brown folks should be at the forefront of the pro-2A movement, if only for their own preservation.  The Deacons for Defense are probably the only reason why MLK Jr. and his demonstrators weren’t killed during those demonstrations by KKK terrorists.

How especially any–ANY–Black American politicians could possibly be anti-2A remains beyond me, in light of all this.

We finish up with Josh “No Blacks With Guns” Sugarmann.  We also have a former DHS official (Bush-43 era) reflecting on the NSA surveillance dragnet.  We even take on another piece by Eric “Fast ‘N’ Furious” Holder.

“War on Whites”?  Seriously, Rep. Brooks?  I’d say the “War on Brown Folks” never stopped.  And that’s why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is so important…to THEM as well.

Gun Talk, Child Abuse, and Pro-2A Diplomacy

We’re talkin’ Mosins again, but this time, with military surplus (“milsurp”) ammo.  I had a fun time with my Mosin and a fellow Liberal’s VEPR in 7.62x54R recently.  We used exclusively milsurp ammo rounds.  You’ll hear about that, and it brings to mind a bit of perspective of our relationship with the people of Eastern Europe.

We follow that with a very difficult story to tell you.  The short version:  some prosecutors and police in Prince William County, VA did something egregious to an underage high-school boy.  We need to call out such abuses.  I strongly suspect most police officers will be outraged by what was done here in the name of official authority.

And finally, we talk about the recent events with the folks at Open Carry Texas.  We use this as an example of the importance of diplomacy.  Yes, diplomacy matters.