History of the Corner

The Liberal’s Gun Corner was spawned from the Gun Rights Radio Network (GRRN), a network of pro-Second Amendment podcasts that ran until February 28, 2014.

The GRRN started in 2008 and was run by Mark Vanderberg.  It got a lot of podcasts off the ground, including this one.  Due to the fact that “life happens”, Mark needed to close down the GRRN.  Our thanks to Mark for his efforts over the years, and for having gotten us here started.

We now run the Liberal’s Gun Corner on our own Web site, based on his original design, using the same WordPress software.  We are “A Proud Progeny of the Gun Rights Radio Network.” The link for Google Podcasts is here.


Mark continues the Gun Rights Advocates Podcast over at http://podcast.gunrights.us.