Episode 28: God, Guns, and Religion!

We do a lot of talking about guns this time. The first segment talks about my initial impressions of Ruger’s new SR-45 semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. This is part of their polymer-framed (i. e. “plastic”) SR-series. So far, I’m about 350 rounds through this pistol. Good thing I handload for this cartridge–factory ammo’s expensive!

In the second segment, we discuss the politics of religion and what happened with Virginia’s recent Gubernatorial election, from a Liberal perspective. How did a con-man like Terry McAuliffe win? And no, the answer isn’t necessarily what you might think.

The third and fourth segments focus on revolvers. We talk about five types. Please understand, every gun we talk about here on the Liberal’s Gun Corner is one that I’ve actually spent a fair amount of quality time on the range with. So, you will hear that perspective. There are two S&W’s, one Taurus, and two Rugers.

One slang expression for a firearm is the word “heater”. Well, this episode not only discusses “heaters”, it also is likely to get some folks kinda “heated”. Just be forewarned.

Episode 27: A Recent Election, Armed Veterans, the Antis, and Range Etiquette

We’ve got plenty to talk about this time, folks. Let’s see here…first, there was a recent election in Virginia, an election where the antis won. We’ll talk about why that happened, from a non-Republican, and pro-2A Liberal, point of view.

Recently, an Army Veteran was banned from her disabled daughter’s school, it appears because she got her carry permit (a lawful act) and was encouraging others to lawfully do so. We’ll discuss that, too. Should this be happening?

Last year, right after Christmas, I had encountered the Code Pink folks doing a protest at a gun show. I had done a counter-protest, but I couldn’t find anything showing our interaction. Thanks to Rhett Rhebold over at “Story of America” (http://www.storyofamerica.org), we now have it. You will hear both sides of the argument, theirs, and mine.

And finally, we discuss something near and dear to my heart: Range Etiquette. Thanks to listener “Have Blue” for this suggestion. With all the new gun owners, this matters, so we won’t be “stealthy” about it. 🙂 Range Etiquette really does matter, folks.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Regardless of your religious beliefs (or not), every day is a day to give some thanks…even if it’s just for being alive that day. Since we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the terrible massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, I think this point takes on an especial importance.