5 thoughts on “We’re back on iTunes! Here’s the new link

  1. That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Be certain to keep writing.

  2. Hey Cowboy! Really enjoying your podcast, trying to listen to all of them in order. I use Podcast Lounge on my Windows Phone 8 to download and listen offline. The next episode I’m looking for was May of 2013, part 2 of the racist roots of gun control, but the oldest one showing now in my app is from Nov 2013. Can you get the older ones up without too much trouble?

    Thanks for a very informative and entertaining podcast!


    • Hi Eric,

      I’m not familiar with Podcast Lounge (sounds like I need to be), but there was a break when the Gun Rights Radio Network shut down, and reattaching to the original podcast link is proving difficult if not impossible. Sounds like I may have to find a way to redo it on links like Podcast Lounge (I had to do that with iTunes–make a whole new feed).

      In the meantime, they’re always available here, straight from the Web site.

      I sure do appreciate your listening, and tell your friends! 🙂

      – T

  3. So glad you’re back!!! I thought you retired. You’re podcast is top tier for the genre. Thanks for returning. Also thanks for your reloading videos in you tube. That’s what gave me the courage to reload myself.

    • No, I haven’t retired. No way. 🙂 We just needed to build some infrastructure, but we’re here and plan to remain here for a long time.

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