Episode 33: Only the Police and Military Need Guns?

A lot has happened since the last episode.

Many antis like to say, “only the police and the military need guns!”  They especially say this when talking about modern sporting rifles like the AR-15.  Well, apparently the police have been taking quite the cue from, well, the military.  They’re arming up as if they were the US Army or the Marines.

This podcast talks about what happens when you have that kind of society.  These are recent examples, from just last month.

We do some difficult episodes sometimes here on the Liberal’s Gun Corner.  This is one of those.  Seriously, this was a hard episode for me to do.  That’s probably a good thing.

Thanks to listener “Jim”, a retired policeman, and some other still-active police officers over on Ammosmith.com, for the examples provided here.