Episode 66: A Tragic School Shooting, and “Red Flag” Laws

“Red Flag” gun laws?

A six-year-old little boy brought a loaded gun to school and shot a teacher just this last Friday. I’m sure you heard or read about this on the news. Like probably all of you, I am in shock at how this could happen. That teacher, Abby Zwerner, age 25, is still in the hospital in serious, but stable, condition. I think we all hope for Abby’s swift and complete recovery.

How the hell could this happen? What drives a six-year-old child to take a loaded gun to school and shoot a teacher with it? I know, people are crying out for the blood of the parents, and I get it. We’re going to talk about that. We didn’t have this kind of thing happening when I was in school, and I’m not that old. It wasn’t that long ago. What is happening today where that kind of thing–A SIX YEAR OLD–could do this??

Granny Goodness knows best!

There are also calls for increased “Red Flag” laws in the wake of this horrible event. I’ve been looking up Red Flag laws…and while we need to solve the problems that lead to shootings, this is not a good “solution”. We’re going to discuss why, specifically. Yeah, we’re going to go into some detail.

Episode 58: A case for Liberals, Especially Racial Minorities, to Support Constitutional Carry…ESPECIALLY NOW!!

And you really think we don’t need guns? Let’s see you face this guy and his pals without one!

Tennessee may become the 19th State to enact “Constitutional Carry”. That means you don’t need a permit from the government to carry a gun. That’s how it used to be before the end of the Civil War and the Black Codes. Constitutional Carry–also known as Vermont Carry since Vermont’s been doing it for 230 years now–is celebrated by some, but it’s got some others concerned. Some of those folks are racial minorities…specifically, Black Americans in Memphis.

I would like to present my case, as a Liberal, for why Constitutional Carry is actually a very good thing, especially for us racial minorities. Especially for Liberals. So, you’re going to get, well, the “Minority Report” here on Constitutional Carry! 🙂

We also go into perhaps why so many of us Liberals don’t have much problem voting for those who promote gun control. I think I have a reasonably good understanding of why that happens, so we cover that topic, too.

Closely related to this subject, another Liberal named “Queer Armorer” did a video on why gun control is bad news, especially for racial minorities. I’ve watched it, and it’s actually pretty accurate. Worth watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSpB1km71iw

CNN liked to say, “We Go There!” during President Trump’s Administration. Well, they ain’t the only ones. So do we…rest assured.