Episode 28: God, Guns, and Religion!

We do a lot of talking about guns this time. The first segment talks about my initial impressions of Ruger’s new SR-45 semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. This is part of their polymer-framed (i. e. “plastic”) SR-series. So far, I’m about 350 rounds through this pistol. Good thing I handload for this cartridge–factory ammo’s expensive!

In the second segment, we discuss the politics of religion and what happened with Virginia’s recent Gubernatorial election, from a Liberal perspective. How did a con-man like Terry McAuliffe win? And no, the answer isn’t necessarily what you might think.

The third and fourth segments focus on revolvers. We talk about five types. Please understand, every gun we talk about here on the Liberal’s Gun Corner is one that I’ve actually spent a fair amount of quality time on the range with. So, you will hear that perspective. There are two S&W’s, one Taurus, and two Rugers.

One slang expression for a firearm is the word “heater”. Well, this episode not only discusses “heaters”, it also is likely to get some folks kinda “heated”. Just be forewarned.

2 thoughts on “Episode 28: God, Guns, and Religion!

  1. Cowboy T! I miss your podcast episodes. Please don’t tell me you hanging up your hat. Hope all is well regardless. You’re a major part of giving me the courage to start reloading. Anyway I’ll keep checking every week for your podcast. I am going to start casting boolits soon so I’ll have to rewatch your videos again. Thanks man. Your shameless fan, Kevin

  2. T…

    I have a reloading question
    do you have an e-mail address that works?
    I tried the “cowboyt@sanfranciscoliberalwithagun.com” but no good

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