Episode 35: Gun Talk, Child Abuse, and Pro-2A Diplomacy

We’re talkin’ Mosins again, but this time, with military surplus (“milsurp”) ammo.  I had a fun time with my Mosin and a fellow Liberal’s VEPR in 7.62x54R recently.  We used exclusively milsurp ammo rounds.  You’ll hear about that, and it brings to mind a bit of perspective of our relationship with the people of Eastern Europe.

We follow that with a very difficult story to tell you.  The short version:  some prosecutors and police in Prince William County, VA did something egregious to an underage high-school boy.  We need to call out such abuses.  I strongly suspect most police officers will be outraged by what was done here in the name of official authority.

And finally, we talk about the recent events with the folks at Open Carry Texas.  We use this as an example of the importance of diplomacy.  Yes, diplomacy matters.

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  1. Thanks for these podcasts Cowboy T. I found them via the Liberal Gun Club and I’m having a good time listening. Keep up the good work

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