Episode 36: The Race Card, the 2A, and AG Eric “Fast ‘N’ Furious” Holder

We will get more light-hearted after this episode, but in the meantime, there’s serious stuff we need to discuss….

We’ve taken on the subject of the Second Amendment and race before, but not this brazenly or blatently like we do this time.  This episode is sure to upset all of you at some point during it.

However, the subject needs to be broached.  There have been several racial incidents recently.  It’s all the more reason why I believe brown folks should be at the forefront of the pro-2A movement, if only for their own preservation.  The Deacons for Defense are probably the only reason why MLK Jr. and his demonstrators weren’t killed during those demonstrations by KKK terrorists.

How especially any–ANY–Black American politicians could possibly be anti-2A remains beyond me, in light of all this.

We finish up with Josh “No Blacks With Guns” Sugarmann.  We also have a former DHS official (Bush-43 era) reflecting on the NSA surveillance dragnet.  We even take on another piece by Eric “Fast ‘N’ Furious” Holder.

“War on Whites”?  Seriously, Rep. Mo Brooks?  I’d say the “War on Brown Folks” never stopped.  And that’s why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is so important…to THEM as well.