Episode 10: Dad and Cowboy T Discuss Gun Policy

This is a special occasion for me.  My Dad was in town two weeks ago for the Presidential Inauguration, and since I’d been wanting to do an episode with him, we took the opportunity to do that as well.  This is the man whom I’ve been talking about being alive precisely because he had his gun with him that day.

We discuss a number of subjects, virtually all of them related to firearms policy.  He and I share some views, and we don’t share certain others.  That’s part of the Liberal’s Gun Corner.  You don’t always just hear my own views ’round these here parts.  We discuss the aftermath of the Newtown, CT shooting, “assault weapons”, gun registration, tracking, general firearms safety, and even the notion of confiscation and what to do about it.

This man has been around a lot longer than I have and is very wise.  Whether you agree or not, his counsel is worth hearing and considering.  Next episode, I’ll present another point of view for your consideration.

Music notes:  the intro and ending music is “You Are My Sunshine”, from Dad’s album.  He’s on piano, I’m on drums.  🙂

One thought on “Episode 10: Dad and Cowboy T Discuss Gun Policy

  1. Hello. I came across your website on calguns. Great stuff! I’m happy to know that there are others like myself. What we need are more Liberals to support gun rights. I think it begins with taking the taboo out of guns. I’m taking a few coworkers skeet shooting soon, I hope its a start to get more people out shooting and supporting their rights. Like i’ve told others: If you’re going to quote the amendments, quote them all… dont pick and choose. The right to free speech and religion are just as important as the right to bear arms.

    Keep it up! I’ll have to catchup with your podscasts soon.


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