Episode 09: The Benefits of Making Your Own Ammo, and Why It Matters

We remember the “Great Ammo Rush of 2009”, four years ago?  Well, it seems we’re in a repeat of it, the “Great Ammo Rush of 2013”.  Just try finding any .223 Remington, for example.  Good luck!  What do we do?

That’s where hand-loading comes in.  We talk about the benefits of, and the reasons for, doing it.  There are several, and you all would do well to consider the hobby, for all of these reasons.  This is a right, folks, and we don’t have to ask permission from government to do it.  Demonstration videos on how to do this are available at my Web site, http://www.sanfranciscoliberalwithagun.com/.

We also finish “story time”.  It’s a warning to us all what happens when we let our rights gradually slip away.  We conclude “Sundown at Coffin Rock”, written by Raymond K. Paden, and which first appeared in Dillon’s “Blue Press” in the 1990’s.  It’s a warning that we all would do very well to heed.

4 thoughts on “Episode 09: The Benefits of Making Your Own Ammo, and Why It Matters

  1. Mr. T,

    Love your podcast. It really is a refreshing change from the norm. Your logical, thoughtful podcast really reminds me of a certain quitter (hint: starts with an E and ends with a SHELTON). Keep up the great work and love to hear more.


    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks, and rest assured, I have no intention of quitting. 🙂 Matter of fact, I’m recording the next two episodes now.

  2. It’s worse now than it was in 2009 in my opinion, and reloading components are harder to get, and in many places the impossible to obtain. Primers, powders, projectiles, brass….its all scarce!

    • You’re right, even components have become harder to find. However, the component issue will lift before the ammo issue does, if the last rush is any indication. It’s still worth it to get set up for reloading, as well as casting if your environment is conducive to it (i. e. not an apartment, condo, or similar).

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