Episode 23: A Critical Analysis of Pres. Obama’s Anti-Gun Speech, “For The Children”, Part 1

We like consistency in our arguments around here.  That’s the only truly Liberal (note I didn’t say Democrat) way to do things.  Likewise, we don’t care for inconsistent arguments, especially when it’s deliberate.  That’s neither Liberal nor Conservative; that’s just plain lying.  And we don’t go for that around here.

Previously we took apart Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s snowjob regarding Second Amendment issues.  This time, we take on an equally inconsistent snowjob by his boss, Pres. Barack Obama.  We need to do this, folks, because this is the same set of arguments the antis are going to use after the recent shooting at the Navy Yard.  And they’re just plain wrong.  I’m going to break it down and show you how and why they’re wrong.

This is Part 1 of a two-parter episode due to the amount of material there is to cover.

Also, I tell you what I think of Emily Miller’s recent book, from a pro-2A Liberal’s perspective, now that I’ve finished reading it.

2 thoughts on “Episode 23: A Critical Analysis of Pres. Obama’s Anti-Gun Speech, “For The Children”, Part 1

  1. Excellent podcast as always. I must say though, I was surprised that you appeared to be offended, when you were talking about Emily Miller and her book ” Emily gets her Gun.” Specifically her comments on liberal Democrats trying to take law abiding citizens guns, and gun rights away from them. I know you claim to be a liberal, so you must know not all liberal democrats are gun banners but right now, all liberal gun banners are democrats. (for the most part)Quite frankly if you are a dyed in the wool Second Amendment supporter, it is hard for me to understand you could support liberal democrats and the President, that tried to ban one hundred and fifty plus semiautomatic firearms this past spring.. The democrats party platform has for a long time, has been very anti-Second Amendment. Any vote for a liberal Democrat is support to ban guns. I am sure there are some anti-Second Amendment people in other parties as well. The difference is, the Democrat party itself by it’s stance,and platform is Anti-Second Amendment. What freedom loving gun owners in his/her right mind would support them or vote for them?

    • Excellent, and important, questions. My answer is that “Liberal” does not equal “Democrat”. I am most definitely a California Liberal, but I am far, far from a Democrat and emphatically do *NOT* support the Democratic Party’s anti-2A agenda. Matter of fact, I don’t support the Democratic Party at all anymore. Along with my reloading videos, this podcast is my way of countering their nonsense.

      These Democrats are not Liberals and never have been. They’re Progressive Socialists/Communists, but they’re anything but Liberal. If they were, they’d be pushing for a system like what Switzerland’s got. Now, *there* is a nation of Liberals. Wide open minds, and armed to the teeth ready to defend themselves. They’re so wide open socially that a woman could walk the country end-to-end, stark naked, and the “worst” that would happen is someone might offer her a drink or ask if she’s seeing anyone. That’s it. And should anybody get squirrely…well, I wouldn’t want to tick off one of those Swiss gentlemen. They’ve got full-auto in every home over there and they know how to use it. Now, *that* is how we should be doing it here. Hey, Justice Breyer said we ought to learn from the Europeans, right? Well, Mr. Justice, how’s about it? 🙂

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