Episode 05: The “Evil Gun Lobby”, and Attacking Bigotry

The forces against the Second Amendment–the “antis”–like to refer to something called, “The Evil Gun Lobby“. They try to give the impression that the Big, Bad NRA is THE “special interest” behind the pro-2A movement. The antis do this to try to demonize what we, as citizens who care about freedom, do to preserve that freedom. We’re going to talk about the Evil Gun Lobby and just what it is. You may be surprised.

In the second half, we do a slice ‘n’ dice job on the idea that bigotry and religious/racial discrimination are somehow “OK”. Of course, they’re not. To do this, we dissect a call-in that I made into a Conservative talking-head’s show, and we show just how and why arguing for a repeat of Jim Crow is just plain wrong…and un-American.

Bigotry has no place in a civilized society. Whatever happened to “the content of one’s character”?

7 thoughts on “Episode 05: The “Evil Gun Lobby”, and Attacking Bigotry

  1. Most people who do not understand the NRA do not understand the the NRA is just 5 million individual gun loving people sending just $35 a year too have someone express their views. Unlike the Anti-Gun groups funded by mega billionaires like Bloomberg and Sorros, the NRA is funded mostly by a lot of little people making annual membership contributions.

    Furthermore, the NRA was founded after the end of the American Civil War to teach marksmanship, did not become politically active until 1977 when it became obvious that political forces were organizing against individual gun rights. The NRA had no choice but to become politically active if it was to have any chance of continuing it mission of teaching marksmanship.

    Again… if you look in the NRA’s corp charter, its purpose is to teach marksmanship and gun safety. They were forced to become politically active when the Right to Bear Arms was threatened.

    • I was also one of the 5 million, too, and yes, I certainly understand their funding model. Nothing wrong with it. There were some things that the members of the leadership have done that gave me grave concern, which is why I emphasize “the leadership” of the NRA in this podcast. Hopefully those leadership members can make a course correction on those things, because the marksmanship-advocacy things that the NRA has historically done really are beneficial.

      – T

      • I wish the NRA would take more of an interest in ending the ban on the manufacture of Full-Auto’s for the civilian market. The NRA has done a lot though and deserves the support of every gun owner. If it was not for the NRA none of us would have guns.

        All the same I prefer not to put all my eggs in one basket and for this reason I also support other Pro-Gun Rights Groups.

  2. The only issues that really count in this, or any election, is protecting the Freedom and Liberty that the Bill of Rights Guarantees us. Most Presidential Blunders can be “Undone” but future leaders, but not losing a fundamental right. Under Obama, the Second Amendment is in Great Peril because Obama, and most of his party, do not recognize that the purpose of the Right to Bear Arms is so Citizens can protect themselves from a potentially hostile government.

    • Sadly, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to be friends of the Rights of the People, as enshrined in the Constitution. Obama’s hardly the only one. I’m from California, so I remember when Gov. Ronald Reagan (R) and State Rep. Rob Mulford (R) got the anti-gun Mulford Act into law. So, unfortunately, neither the R’s nor the D’s generally have very good track records. I wish that weren’t the case.

      – T

      • It is true the Republicans have done just as much to dilute the strength of the Second Amendment as Democrats. It the past Gun Rights as not a partisan issue.

        For this reason the NRA has made a point of supporting Democrats in office who have a favorable pro-gun rights record… even if the Republican contender seems to take a stronger pro-gun position. What the contender says has no weight. Only what is done while in office.

  3. Normally we’ll post these about every two weeks. However, due to the upcoming election and Mark being out of town on election-related business during that time, we’re posting Episode 5 a few days early. Thanks to Mark for getting this up as quickly as he did.

    – T

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