Armed self-defense, on a shoestring budget

Happy New Year, everyone!

Just got back from a friend’s wedding.  It’s a great thing when two people come together and promise themselves to each other.  Really neat.

This episode is inspired by a listener in New Jersey (you know who you are), and she had asked about how to arm oneself on a shoestring budget.  This includes how to deal with the costs and availability of range visits.  So, we’re going to talk about that.

You know I’m a part-time range safety officer.  So, some of my recommendations might surprise some of you.  But these are things I’ve actually seen on the range, working reliably.  We even take care of those of you in states with oppressive “Assalt Weppens” or “Hich Capacity Clip” laws, e. g. California.

Civil Liberties need defending

America Means Civil Liberties, Patriotism Means Defending Them

For those of you who’ve read my article about shooting 1,000 yards with a cheap Walmart rifle, or read my philosophy on handloading, you know I believe it shouldn’t take a fortune to exercise a basic civil right.  That includes the Right to Keep and Bear Arms–a quintessentially American right.

Let’s welcome, 2017, the New Year.



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  1. Awesome podcast! Thank you for the recommendations for those of us on a budget. I’m going to research some of the companies and models you mentioned.

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