Cool Casting, Unintended Consequences, and Breaking News from California

It’s been a busy last couple of months.  And it’s cold and snowy–perfect weather for casting!  We’ll talk about that.  Looks like I’m about to go through 200gr, .45-caliber “boolits” like politicians go through money.

Then, we have some breaking news, as of February, from California.  Can you believe it–the Ninth Circuit Court actually ruled in favor of California gun owners??  Yes, it’s true!  And the antis are definitely sucking on lemons right about now.

Next, we explore a little case of “Unintended Consequences”.  An anti, who advocated for more gun restrictions like the New York UNSAFE Act, just got arrested…under one of the very laws he was advocating for!  This case shows the futility and even craziness of such laws.

And finally…for those of you who keep saying, “IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE!”…think again.  It happened to an American Citizen.  He’s going to tell you about it.

As always, this is all very serious business.  Rights are like that.